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Joel engineering at Silver Burdett, Morristown NJ 1970

Joel engineering at Radio City Music Hall 1975


Sean Lennon Studio  New York   May 2018

Joel & the Dynamics  April 2018

Joel & Friends - Bill Pron, Cal Ng, Shelly Buchansky Elmo Maisonett
Paramus NJ  May 30, 2015   video from show

Engineer Andreas Balin & Joel Katz
Sean Lennon Studio, NYC 2013

Joan & Joel Katz
Sean Lennon Studio, NYC 2013


Kid Kyle 2013


Joel Katz & the Dynamics
Warren Tesoro, Joel, Cal Ng, Beverly Warren, Bernard B.J. Jones 2013

Whiskey Cafe Lyndhurst, NJ  August 25, 2013

Twin Gold, Angel Rissoff, Joel Katz and the Frankie G Band
Vocal Group Harmony Association  Paramus, NJ  March 30, 2013

Joel Katz and Angel Rissoff
Vocal Group Harmony Association  Paramus, NJ  March 30, 2013

Charles Neville, Eugene Pitt, Dickie Harmon, Joel Katz
Aaron Neville Brooklyn Bowl Sessions 2013

Joel Katz, Paul Simon, Eugene Pitt, Dickie Harmon, Don Was
Aaron Neville Brooklyn Bowl Sessions 2013

Aaron Neville, center         Joan Osbourne, right
PBS Special 2013

Back row: Dickie Harmon, Eugene Pitt
Front row: Aaron Neville Singers, Joel Katz
Brooklyn Bowl, NY November 28, 2012

Aaron Neville Sessions  Electric Ladyland Studio, NYC
March 20, 2012

Bobby Jay, Aaron Neville, Joel Katz, Keith Richard, Eugene Pitt
Electric Ladyland Studio, NYC  March 20, 2012

Aaron Neville & Joel Katz
Electric Ladyland Studio, NYC  March 20, 2012

Joel Katz & producer Don Was critiquing playback in the studio
Electric Ladyland Studio, NYC  March 20, 2012


Gabe Roth (of the Dap-Kings) and Joel Katz
Daptone Studio, Brooklyn, NY 2011

Joel Katz and Sharon Jones (of the Dap-Kings)


Tom Brenneck (of the Mehanan Street Band) and Joel Katz
Dunham Studio, Brooklyn, NY 2010

Broadway's 'Baby It's You' Doo Wop Street Singers
Warren Tesoro, Beverly Warren, Cal Ng, Joel Katz, BJ Jones
May 2011

Cast of American Graffiti and the Brooklyn Bridge
London, Ontario, Canada  June 5, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge featuring Joel Katz,
Les Cauchi and Fred Ferrara
London, Ontario, Canada  June 5, 2010

Joan & Joel Katz, Grace & Johnny Maestro, Rich Hourihan (producer)
Broadway's "Jersey Boys"  early dinner drink  NYC 2009

Bobby Jay, Lewis Lymon, Joel, Dickie Harmon
Philadelphia, PA 2009

Joel with the Del Satins,
Fred Ferrara and Les Cauchi


Joel and the Dynamics
Paramus, NJ May 2, 2009


Joel and the Dynamics 2009
L-R: Warren Tesoro, Pat Profito, Bernard "BJ" Jones, Joel Katz, Cal Ng

Dickie Harmon, Bobby Jay, Joel, Eugene Pitt
"The Shag Sessions" 2008


Kid Kyle and his Kool Kats 2007
Wayne Smith, Jack Scandura, Bernard BJ Jones, Joel Katz


Joel with Eugene Pitt and The Original Jive Five
Lead East, Parsippany, NJ  9/2/2006


L-R: Joe Favale, Victor Guzman, Joel, Joe Cavanna, George Winters

Joel taking lead
 on "Gloria"

The Emotions:
Joel, Joe F., George, Victor, Joe C.
The EMOTIONS at the Whiskey Café 3/12/2005

The Emotions at Forest Park Queens, NY  2003

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" sessions
Broadway South Studios
Joel Katz, Bobby Jay, Larry Chance, Johnny Maestro


The Autumns 1982
"Angel of 4th Avenue" era
Joel on left

The Autumns 1982
Joel second from front


The Connotations 1981 (click here)
Anthony Giusto, Jordan Montanaro, Joel, Clinton "Jaki" Davis,
Dickie Harmon


The Connotations
Anthony Giusto, Clinton "Jaki" Davis, Jordan Montanaro, Dickie Harmon, Joel


The Connotations
Joel, Anthony, Dickie, Jordan, Jaki


The Cliftonaires
Jack Scandura, Wayne Smith, Cindy Taylor, Joel,
Louis Vinci, Ami Ortiz


The Cliftonaires
Rear: Wayne Smith, Joel, Tim Hauser (of The Manhattan Transfer), Phil Granito, Jack Scandura.  Front: Lou Vinci


The Cliftonaires
Joel, Jack Scandura, stage & screen star Chaz Palmintieri,
Phil Granito, John Clemente
at Broadway South Studio


The Platinums in 1977
Eddie Decker, Bob Roman, Joel, Earl Richardson, Billy Ford


Joel back center
Bob Roman, Joe Cimo, Bobby K., Cindy Young


The Five Discs
L-R Shelly Buchansky, Jack Scandura, John Carbone, Joel, Mike Strippoli
February 2006


The Five Discs
Joel, Shelly Buchansky, Eddie Parducchi, Jack Scandura,
Mike Strippoli

The Five Discs
Warren Tesoro, Jack Scandura, Joel, Mike Strippoli, and Shelly Buchansky.


Ronnie I, Timothy Wilson (originally of Tiny Tim & the Hits), Herman Santiago (of the Teenagers), Dickie Harmon, Joel, Ami Ortiz (of the Chantells).


top row: Pookie Hudson (of the Spaniels)
middle row: Dickie Harmon, Jack Scandura, Eulis Mason (of the Velours), Joel Katz, Bobby Jay (of the Laddins & Teenagers)
front : Ami Ortiz (of the Chantels)


New York City All Stars
Dickie Harmon, Bobby Jay, Jack Scandura, Joel,
Eulis Mason (of the Velours and Martells)
at Radio City Music Hall


Joel with Bobby Thomas (of Sonny Til's Orioles) in 1999


Joel takes lead with Flops

Rehearsing backstage
The Fabulous Flops at Reeper Bahn, Hamburg, Germany
   (Where The Beatles started their career)
New Year's Eve party 2001/2002


Joel far left, Bobby Jay, and Joe Favale
The Emotions at the 2005 Saddle Brook High School Reunion
Class of 1965
Guest bass Bobby Jay


Joel and the Dymensions session 8/24/2006
Producer Rich Hourihan, Bobby Jay, and Joel

Part of an 8 piece string ensemble at Broadway South Studio
Ron Foster project - June 2005

The Original Jive Five at the Broadway South Studio 
August 16, 2005
Casey Spencer, Beatrice Best, Eugene Pitt, Frank Pitt, Herbert Pitt

Eugene Pitt, Joel, Maurice Upthank at Broadway South Studio
August 15, 2005

Here's the tenor as one of the Sopranos
mid 1970's

The Autumns 1965
Joel far right

Joel's 1st studio - Parkway Recording Studio 1972


Joel, owner and chief engineer of Broadway South Recording Studio

Joel at the control board at Broadway South Recording Studio

Joan Katz (Joel's wife)  at the controls  engineering.